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What does Yoga Have to Do With Sexual Health?

What does yoga have to do with sexual health?   The practice of yoga can have a wonderful impact on your sexual health for several reasons:  mindfulness, focus, regulation of the of our nervous system,  strength, flexibility and balance of the pelvic floor as well as your entire body, just to name a few. Here […]

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Why Do I Practice Pelvic Physical Therapy?

Why do I practice Pelvic Physical Therapy? Here’s a question that I receive almost every week in my clinic from patients: “How and why did you get into the practice of pelvic physical therapy?” How I got into this work is easy: A family practice doctor in town called the clinic where I was practicing […]

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What is a Sex Counselor?

When you think of a sex counselor some interesting Images may come to mind; indeed, sex is a loaded, sensitive and often uncomfortable topic to discuss with a healthcare professional. Statistics show that physicians spend very little if any, time discussing sexual health in a routine visit with patients. This may be due to their […]

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Yoga for the Pelvic Floor Workshop in Salem

Yesterday I taught Yoga for the Pelvic Floor Workshop at Indigo Wellness Center in Salem.  What a beautiful and powerful space!  The participants were authentic, generous in their sharing and inquisitive.  Together we took on the topics of pelvic floor anatomy, bladder and bowel issues such as incontinence, pelvic prolapse, pelvic pain, vulvodynia and even sex. […]

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