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What does Yoga Have to Do With Sexual Health?

What does yoga have to do with sexual health?   The practice of yoga can have a wonderful impact on your sexual health for several reasons:  mindfulness, focus, regulation of the of our nervous system,  strength, flexibility and balance of the pelvic floor as well as your entire body, just to name a few. Here […]

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Why Do I Practice Pelvic Physical Therapy?

Why do I practice Pelvic Physical Therapy? Here’s a question that I receive almost every week in my clinic from patients: “How and why did you get into the practice of pelvic physical therapy?” How I got into this work is easy: A family practice doctor in town called the clinic where I was practicing […]

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What is a Sex Counselor?

When you think of a sex counselor some interesting Images may come to mind; indeed, sex is a loaded, sensitive and often uncomfortable topic to discuss with a healthcare professional. Statistics show that physicians spend very little if any, time discussing sexual health in a routine visit with patients. This may be due to their […]

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