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Pediatric Physical Therapy can help with bedwetting

Not many people know that Pediatric Physical Therapy can help with bedwetting. In the traditional sense, physical therapy is associated with rehabilitation after injury. Physical therapists specializing in the pelvic floor are highly qualified healthcare providers who are dedicated to helping their patients overcome some less talked about issues, like incontinence. Here at Pelvic Wellness […]

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Normal, healthy bladder (and bowel) habits in children

We’ve been talking a lot about helping children establish normal and healthy bladder habits, whether at school or home. But what exactly is normal? Let’s face it, there are many parents out there who do not practice healthy habits themselves! Once your child is “potty trained” and becomes more private about their potty time, you may feel a little out of the loop, making it harder to recognize problems children are having in the bathroom.

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Helping children with anxiety of public, school bathrooms

I’ve heard of children having anxiety over using the bathroom in public places, like school. What are some steps I can take to alleviate this? Shannon Forrestall, MSPT: This is something we touched upon slightly in another blog post, Bladder Control: Supporting your child’s good bathroom habits while at school. Yes, sometimes children may not […]

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Common beverages can trigger bladder irritation, ‘accidents’ and bedwetting in kids

This month’s press release for Pelvic Wellness Center: Drinking less during the day reduces the likelihood of childhood “accidents” and bedwetting, right? Not necessarily, say Judy Abel and Shannon Forrestall, physical therapists and co-owners of Pelvic Wellness Center in Eugene and Salem. “We find that a lot of kids we work with who deal with incontinence […]

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