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Constipation Sucks! 5 Cheap and Easy Tricks to Get things Moving

Pooping is not a conversation that we usually have on a regular basis with friends and family. But, if you have experienced constipation then you know the importance of regular bowel movements. Good digestion is vital to our health and well being. As a pelvic physical health therapist digestion is a conversation I have with […]

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Children and “accidents”: What’s causing urinary problems?

We’ve been discussing children and accidents to great lengths over the last few months. Children who experience bladder problems after the age of 5 may also experience social anxiety, loss of self-esteem, and the confidence to participate in activities with their peers. We’ve talked a lot about helping your child cope at school and discussed […]

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Pelvic Floor Anatomy Explained-Video

For all of you out there  dealing with incontinence, pelvic pain, or have children with bowel and/or bladder issues, including bedwetting (enuresis) check out this informative video that explains the anatomy of the pelvis.  Pelvic floor physical therapy is an effective conservative treatment option for many of these problems. Click Here for this short (5 […]

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