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Constipation Sucks! 5 Cheap and Easy Tricks to Get things Moving

Pooping is not a conversation that we usually have on a regular basis with friends and family. But, if you have experienced constipation then you know the importance of regular bowel movements. Good digestion is vital to our health and well being. As a pelvic physical health therapist digestion is a conversation I have with […]

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What does Yoga Have to Do With Sexual Health?

What does yoga have to do with sexual health?   The practice of yoga can have a wonderful impact on your sexual health for several reasons:  mindfulness, focus, regulation of the of our nervous system,  strength, flexibility and balance of the pelvic floor as well as your entire body, just to name a few. Here […]

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How Physical Therapy Can Help

Many gynecologists refer patients suffering from pelvic pain to physical therapists who specialize in the pelvic region. Recent research has shown how essential pelvic physical therapy can be in treating problems, such as vulvodynia and dyspareunia, that cause pelvic pain. Dr. Sara Cichowski, a gynecologist, recently wrote an article discussing the importance of pelvic physical […]

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Shannon’s Podcast on KMUZ in Salem

One of our physical therapists, Shannon was interviewed by radio host Melanie Zermer from KMUZ on November 27, 2012 about our pelvic floor physical therapy programs here at Pelvic Wellness Center. Click Here  to here the full broadcast. The focus of this conversation was about Pelvic Wellness Center’s newest program, Pediatric Incontinence and Pelvic Dysfunction […]

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