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Why Do I Practice Pelvic Physical Therapy?

Why do I practice Pelvic Physical Therapy? Here’s a question that I receive almost every week in my clinic from patients: “How and why did you get into the practice of pelvic physical therapy?” How I got into this work is easy: A family practice doctor in town called the clinic where I was practicing […]

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How Physical Therapy Can Help

Many gynecologists refer patients suffering from pelvic pain to physical therapists who specialize in the pelvic region. Recent research has shown how essential pelvic physical therapy can be in treating problems, such as vulvodynia and dyspareunia, that cause pelvic pain. Dr. Sara Cichowski, a gynecologist, recently wrote an article discussing the importance of pelvic physical […]

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Shannon’s Podcast on KMUZ in Salem

One of our physical therapists, Shannon was interviewed by radio host Melanie Zermer from KMUZ on November 27, 2012 about our pelvic floor physical therapy programs here at Pelvic Wellness Center. Click Here  to here the full broadcast. The focus of this conversation was about Pelvic Wellness Center’s newest program, Pediatric Incontinence and Pelvic Dysfunction […]

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Pelvic Floor Anatomy Explained-Video

For all of you out there  dealing with incontinence, pelvic pain, or have children with bowel and/or bladder issues, including bedwetting (enuresis) check out this informative video that explains the anatomy of the pelvis.  Pelvic floor physical therapy is an effective conservative treatment option for many of these problems. Click Here for this short (5 […]

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Vulvodynia More Common

Vulvodynia (chronic female genital pain) is more common than previously estimated, physical therapy can help. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/467090 For more information on this or other pelvic health issues we invite you to contact Pelvic Wellness Center today.  We can help. Pelvic Wellness Center 395 W. Broadway Eugene, OR  97401 P: (541) 515-6215 F: (541) 515-6216

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