I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the help provided from Pelvic Wellness Center. I have followed the advice provided and my pain has remained at bay.

The work you do is amazing. You’re very skilled and talented and I feel very fortunate to be a client. My symptoms of VVD have really decreased and are very manageable. You have been very supportive and knowledgeable about personal problems. I can’t thank you enough for what you have helped me through!

Shannon was truly amazing! I never knew I could get to the place I am now, but it is truly because of Shannon working with me every week. I also appreciated that she was easy to talk to and open up with about this sensitive subject!

Thank you so much for everything, I am so happy you do what you do! You’re very good at it and it has changed so much of how I take care of myself and educated me tremendously.

Shannon’s knowledge of the joints, bones, muscles, as well as her taking the time to explain them is superior. She knows what exercises and stretching are needed for improvement and “cure”.

I’ve learned a lot about my incontinence and how to better support my pelvic muscles. Thank you for referring me to the Pelvic Wellness Center. I enjoyed my appointments with Judy Abel.

Going through pregnancy is a life changing event, but how life changing it can be is unclear. With your help and guidance under my belt, and starting to feel well again, I am now confident, stronger, smarter and more aware. I’m so thankful my path lead me to you. I sincerely thank you for your role in my healing process – you’ve been a huge piece of it. Thank you.

I have acquired a good tool chest to apply to my bladder issues, and I am glad to consider the process a success!

Judy was wonderful! We worked on exercises to help my bladder. I am doing so much better and feeling better about myself! Everyone is so nice at Pelvic Wellness Center!

I was totally amazed that such help was available for my issues with sexuality. Judy seemed to know exactly how to approach and treat my problems.