Yoga for the Pelvic Floor Workshop in Salem

IndigoWC_Artwork-visit-site-sizeYesterday I taught Yoga for the Pelvic Floor Workshop at Indigo Wellness Center in Salem.  What a beautiful and powerful space!  The participants were authentic, generous in their sharing and inquisitive.  Together we took on the topics of pelvic floor anatomy, bladder and bowel issues such as incontinence, pelvic prolapse, pelvic pain, vulvodynia and even sex.  For three hours we practiced asanas (yoga poses), and had a lively conversation about issues that many are experiencing from urinary incontinence “I leak when I giggle sometimes” to I’m getting older and I have a pelvic prolapse that I don’t want to get worse”.

Thank you to Dr. Zohra Campbell and Gerry Hjelmberg at Indigo Wellness for supporting me in creating this event.  Look for another workshop at Indigo probably in June 2015.