You Don’t Have to Live With Vaginal Pain

Vaginal discomfort and pain are common occurrences, affecting millions of women and interfering with their quality of life. Often times, women don’t speak up, and if they do, are commonly told nothing can be done.  There are, however, many treatment options that can significantly improve vaginal pain associated with sex, pelvic exams, urination, and even sitting, walking and cycling. 

In this New York Times article, many treatment options are discussed, including: physical therapy; engaging in yoga and Pilates to strengthen the pelvic floor; use of oils, lubricants and dilators; and the use of estrogen. It is important to remember that this is a legitimate issue affecting many women, and that bringing it up to your health care provider is an important first step. You don’t have to live with vaginal pain! There is help and treatment available, so seek it.

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