Judy Abel, PT, is a Physical Therapist and co-owner of Pelvic Wellness Center in Eugene, OR and Salem, OR.

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Judy Abel, PT, owner of Pelvic Wellness Center, has over 37 years of experience and education in the field of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, with a certification of sexuality counseling and education and yoga instruction. We know that many issues are uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. We are here to help you understand your symptoms as we get you on track to optimal pelvic health!

We treat people of all ages and genders that may be experiencing challenges with incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pregnancy, post-partum conditions, pelvic pain disorders, and pediatric urological conditionselimination dysfunctions and sexual health dysfunctions (vulvo-vaginal pain, low desire, arousal disorder, anorgasmia).