For New Patients

Interested in making an appointment?

Fill out and submit this brief Initial Inquiry Form to set up a Free 10 min Consult with Judy Abel, PT. and you can discuss possibilities of pelvic health treatment.

What You Need to Know Before Your First Visit

  • The Main Clinic is in a residential neighborhood near Chambers and 25th, When you  book your appointment you will receive the address.
  • You can park in the driveway or on the cul-de-sac, please don’t block any driveways.
  • Look for the sign at the top of the stairs, watch your feet and hold onto the railing.
  • Please plan on arriving at least 10 min before your first visit to navigate construction, traffic and parking.  Text 541.515.6215 when you arrive and Judy will meet you outside.
  • If we are billing your insurance, please bring insurance cards and a state issued photo ID with you for the PT to scan into our system
  • Comfortable clothing is recommended, but usually not necessary
  • Menstruation does not have to interfere with your physical therapy visits unless pain is debilitating.  Actually, physical therapy treatments can be quite beneficial for reducing menstruation symptoms.
  • For brief therapy related questions email is the best way to get in contact directly with therapist Judy ([email protected])
  • Please avoid using any fragrances as we have some patients in our clinic that have strong aversions and/or allergies.
  • Confirm all appointments:  You will be receiving a reminder (either by email, phone or text, depending on your choice when you first made your appointments ) two days before each appointment.   Please confirm each time so that we know you are planning on attending otherwise, you may receive another phone call from our office.
  • Dr. Ruth, CT (Canine Therapist):   We have a clinic therapy dog “in training” Dr. Ruth,  she does not shed but, if you have any concerns about allergies or have and aversion to dogs please just let us know and we will remove her prior to your appointment.