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IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS: Call the office 541.515.6215 and ask to schedule a Free 10 Min Consult with Judy Abel, PT


Call the office 541.515.6215 and we will discuss the possibilities and answer your questions. We can schedule you for a 10 Min Free Consult with Judy if you want to discuss treatment options after April 12th, 2024. We are currently located at 90 E. 27th Avenue just east of Willamette Street. Parking is in front of the clinic entrance.

WANT TO BE SEEN AFTER APRIL 12th, 2024? (these options below will be available on the website after March 11th, 2024)

*If you do not want to use health insurance; maybe you have a high deductible? Or, we are out of network with your insurance (in-network insurance co’s include: Pacificsource, Providence, Regence) and would like to self pay-you can go right to BOOK NOW and schedule your appointments now!

*If you would like to use your health insurance (PacificSource, Providence, Regence only) schedule a 10 Min Free Consult with Judy and you can discuss the treatment options, check your benefits together and make a plan for treatment.

*If you simply have questions and don’t know how Pelvic PT could help-schedule a 10 Min Free Consult with Judy to discuss the possibilities.