PWC sexual health counseling

Sexual Health Dysfunction & Counseling

When you think of a sex counselor some interesting images may come to mind; indeed, sex is a loaded, sensitive and often uncomfortable topic to discuss with a healthcare professional. Statistics show that physicians spend very little if any, time discussing sexual health in a routine visit with patients. This may be due to their personal discomfort with a conversation about sex or they don’t believe they have adequate knowledge or resources to help.

Pelvic physical therapy is the perfect setting for a conversation about sexual health. Questions about sexual health are routine for most pelvic physical therapists. It’s not a surprise to be asked, “Are you sexually active?” or “Do you have any concerns/questions about your sexual health?” When you begin to understand the pelvis and the interrelationship of the urinary, bowel, and sexual systems it is natural that sex is an important part of our health and wellness (and we beg to add, vitality!).

PWC sexual health counseling

What We Treat

  • Low Libido
  • Arousal Disorder
  • Pain with Sex
  • Dyspareunia
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Arousal Non-concordance

Judy Abel, PT, CSC is an AASECT certified sexuality counselor and holds a Sexual Health Counseling Certificate from the University of Michigan School of Social Work with over 195 continuing education hours of specialized training in sexual health and sexual education.

Our belief at Pelvic Wellness Center is that sex is an integral part of health and wellness throughout life. Many of my patients report some of the best sex of their lives has been after menopause!

We invite you to bring your questions and concerns to us at Pelvic Wellness Center. We are happy to engage in a conversation about how sexual health can be a satisfying part of your life.

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