Eugene Parenting Group hosted by Pelvic Wellness Center

Eugene Parenting GroupWe’re happy to be providing space for the Eugene Conscious Parenting Group, starting this month!

Learn about new research in brain development, revolutionary philosophies of child-rearing, and how to use your own unique gifts to raise emotionally healthy children. Receive accountability, support, and discussion that matters with this like-minded group of peers as you grow on this journey of parenting, something we’re passionate about here at Pelvic Wellness Center.

Facilitated by Licensed Counselor & Parent Educator Jenifer Hume, who is a parent of two with a decade of professional experience in the field of parenting.

Groups are 1.5hrs every other Saturday at Pelvic Wellness Center—space is limited to eight.

Cost: $45 per session (some insurances reimburse for group counseling).

For more information on the Eugene parenting group, please contact Jenifer at 541-325-2195 or [email protected].