Pediatric Incontinence and Physical Therapy Case Study

PWC_goodbyeaccidentsThis is an interesting case study example of a successful physical therapy treatment for  pediatric daytime urinary incontinence/enuresis.  Bedwetting (nighttime or nocturnal enuresis) is often an issue with these kids as well and treatment from a trained pediatric pelvic physical therapist has been proven as a very effective way to  resolve these emotional and physical challenging incontinence issues.

Shannon Forrestall MSPT and Judy Abel PT here at Pelvic Wellness Center have been treating children with daytime bladder issues and bedwetting for several years.  Physical Therapy treatments always involve parents/caregivers but our goal here at Pelvic Wellness Center is to empower kids to be “The Boss”  of their bladder and bowels.

Treatments are non-invasive in a comfortable home-like setting.  In general, kids improve very quickly when they learn about the anatomy of their urinary and bowel systems and what normal bathroom habits look like.  Treatments can include : Pelvic floor muscle exercises, Behavioral modification instruction for diet to reduce bladder irritants and constipation, Instruction in good toilet habits and identifying triggers that can aggravate bladder and bowel control problems.  Biofeedback is another tool that we find helpful for kids to identify the muscles that are necessary to have control over their bowels and bladder.

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