Introducing Sexual Health Education and Intimate Pleasure Products

As a pelvic physical therapist I often see patients that are dealing with symptoms of pelvic pain, incontinence and weakness.  Although a lot that needs to happen in this pelvic area  to maintain balance and health it is also and area that can provide great pleasure with a partner or by yourself.  Pleasure is indeed the antidote to pain and discomfort so, we often recommend pleasure products like vibrators to my patients to introduce pleasurable stimulus.  There are a lot of vibrators out there and it can be overwhelming to shop on the internet and intimidating or even embarrassing to walk into a sex product store.  That is why we are introducing a new product line to Pelvic Wellness Center LELO.   This brand has been a consistently high quality product and for those patients that have some pain in the pelvic floor area we especially like the fact that it has low intensity settings as well as other great features.

I am offering a free 15 minute consultation with the purchase of a product.  Call or email us if you are interested  541.515.6215,  [email protected].

Also, on July 16th at 7:30 we are hosting a free sexual health education event at Eugene Yoga.   Bring your partner or friends, enjoy a glass of wine and snacks and learn about how important your sexuality is to your overall health and well being.  LELO products will be available for 10% off!  5% of the proceeds will go to the Eugene Yoga Scholarship fund.

Remember:  Pleasure is the antidote to pain and discomfort!

Hope to see you soon,

Judy Abel, PT